1000M – A Curving, Cantilevering Building

26 April 2018

The developers of 1000 South Michigan Avenue began their search for an architect with a competition. The luminary German architect, and long-time Chicago resident, Helmut Jahn was ultimately selected for his elegant design, and for his deep understanding of Chicago architectural traditions. His visionary concept for a cantilevering structure is both elegant and daring.

1000M A Curving Cantilevering Building

1000M At the intersection of City and Nature

Jahn’s design for 1000M is inspired by the site’s position at the intersection of nature (Grant Park and Lake Michigan) and city, embracing organic curves and bends. In order to optimize views for even the most southwestern facing units, the building twists subtly as it rises. The east and west facades converge at sharp edges on the northeastern and southwestern corners, while the opposing corners resolve into soft curves.

1000M's sharp edges resolve into soft curves

1000M gradually widens at the northeast and southwest corners, allowing its floor plate to transition from an efficient rectangle at the base to an expansive parallelogram at the top. The transitioning floor plates allow for an expansive indoor and outdoor amenity space on Level 72 — the building’s top floor — with breathtaking views of Grant Park and Lake Michigan.

The 1000M Curve and Cantilever

As the building gradually widens, it also slightly cantilevers over 1006 South Michigan Avenue — a building owned by the 1000M Ownership Team and the current location of the 1000M Sales Gallery. A refinement of Jahn’s original stepped cantilever, the angle of 1000M is a subtle 13˚.

Playing artfully with opposites through the tower, Jahn designed the north and south building facades to reflect interlocking triangles, with the triangles moving in distinct planes from each other along a shared diagonal seam that runs up the entire tower.

1000M curves and cantilevers

These graceful exterior movements work harmoniously, allowing for unique homes on the interior. By designing both from the ‘outside in’ and the ‘inside out,’ Jahn’s concept brilliantly optimizes views of Lake Michigan and surrounding vistas throughout the tower. And as the floor plates increase in size, the design allows homes to be more efficient lower in the building and more spacious above.


1000M's unique design allows for 10,000 square feet of amenities on Level 72