1000M Construction Update

27 February 2020

1000M construction update photograph


Last time we spoke with McHugh, 1000M’s construction team to share 1000M construction updates in mid-January, the caisson installation was nearing completion. This week, we caught up on the latest accomplishments, what’s currently in progress and what’s on the horizon as construction continues on our ultra-luxury skyscraper. 


Building a Foundation

Over the past month, the team finished up the caisson installation. Now, attention turns to excavating the site and preparing to install the mat slab foundation, which will be the footprint for the entire building. The mat foundation will serve to distribute the building’s weight equally, reducing stress on the ground. The excavation is 4,500 cubic yards, goes down 11’6“ and will take two weeks to reach full exposure.

During excavation, McHugh is also exposing an area for installing the tower crane foundation. With that area secured, they can install reinforcement for the tower crane, which is essential before going vertical. The tower crane is slated to go up the second week in March, and will remain onsite for the entire construction process. In its first phase, the tower crane will only be about 188 feet in the air, and will continue to follow the height of the superstructure up to 800+ feet.

After excavation and tower crane installation, reinforcing the rebar and formwork is the next step. The top of the caissons will be exposed and using the tower crane, the team will install a layer of top and bottom reinforcing bars, creating a massive cage of rebar. But before the final foundational concrete can be poured, additional groundwork is needed.


Installing Electrical and Plumbing

Once the tower crane is in place, the team will begin installing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems inside the mat foundation, using the 3D model they’ve fabricated as a guide. These initial systems will provide service to the entire tower, creating a critical framework for moving up. As the team begins to go vertical, mechanical, electrical and plumbing feeds will follow the core build in the elevator shaft, “spiderwebbing” out on each floor. 


Looking Forward, Looking Up

With rebar and mechanical in place, the mat foundation will be finished with a final concrete pour of 4,000 cubic yards. And with that, the footprint of the building will be in place, setting the stage for building up. 


Stay tuned for more 1000M construction updates.