Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again

9 January 2020


It’s impossible to miss the iconic pop art of Andy Warhol gracing the windows of the Art Institute right now. But if you haven’t paid visit yet, it is possible to miss the exhibit, leaving the museum later this month. With the Art Institute only a short way away from 1000M, there’s still ample opportunity to indulge in Andy WarholFrom A to B and Back Again.


Pop Art Icon

One of the 20th century’s best-known artists, Andy Warhol’s fame is attributed to his 1960s paintings and prints of brand name foods and big name celebrities—spanning from Campbell’s Soup, Coca Cola, Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor. Recognized for their bold colors, innovative techniques and sharp contemporary commentary, this is the work that established Warhol as a leading figure in the Pop Art movement. 

Behind these iconic works, and his iconic platinum wig, Warhol also pioneered the social scene from the 1960s to 1970s, hosting elaborate, star-studded soirees at his studio, the Factory. His co-mingling with the up-and-coming and best known names of the time inevitably influenced his obsession with pop culture and media, and its effect on persona. 

Warhol’s brush with death in 1968, when he was shot and nearly killed by an actress from one of his own films, darkly influenced his later work. Up until his death at the age of 58, Warhol dabbled in self portraits that were ghostly and haunting, playing fierce juxtaposition to his lively commercial work.


Andy WarholFrom A to B and Back Again

The first retrospective of Warhol’s work since 1989 brings more than 350 of the artist’s creations to one exhibit. Throughout his career, Warhol’s penchant for mass-producing techniques deemed it common to see at least a piece or two of his in many museums, but this exhibit brings the rare opportunity to witness his work in droves.

Spanning pieces throughout his career, the expansive exhibit, Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again, includes his iconic, bold prints depicting pop culture figures, as well as commercial illustrations, Polaroid photographs, experimental 16 mm films, letters and other ephemera from the artist’s studio. Collectively, the work becomes a meditation on Warhol’s obsession with celebrity, death and technology. 


Andy WarholFrom A to B and Back Again is at the Art Institute of Chicago until January 26, 2020. Tickets for the exhibit are an additional $7 from museum admission; you can learn more about the exhibit and purchase tickets here.