Art-In-Buildings at 1000M

19 April 2018

Contemporary Art at 1000M’s Award Winning Sales Gallery

For those who have visited the award-winning 1000M Sales Gallery, one feature stands out that is often overlooked among the accolades for the building’s incredible interior design and lavish assortment of amenities: the collection of contemporary art. The 15 works currently on display span artists of multiple generations, nationalities and ways of working, but each and every one of them is committed to pushing the dialogue of what art means today. Though the majority of works are paintings, they explore image-making in relation to photography, digital imagery, collage, sculpture and video.

Art-In-Buildings at 1000M's Award Winning Sales Gallery

This world-class collection of art was organized by Art-In-Buildings and the program’s curator, Jennie Lamensdorf. Though Art-In-Buildings operates within 30 buildings across the globe, Lamensdorf pays special attention to what makes each building, the city it’s located in and the culture of that city unique and particular. As a result, every curatorial project is customized based on the specificity of the exhibition’s location.


For 1000M, Lamensdorf was there from the beginning, attending design meetings with Kara Mann and her team to gain insight into the aesthetic vision and ambitions for the luxury condominium interiors. As the Seek Beauty blog has covered before, Mann’s designs for 1000M are sophisticated with a thoughtful edge, rooted in a unique Chicago vernacular with a global concern for beautiful living. The artworks selected for Art-In-Buildings at 1000M reflect those same characteristics and concerns, speaking to the inclusion of both Chicago artists and artists representative of a global art world — ranging from Spain to Poland to China and Ghana. Of course, it goes without saying that a residential building is clearly different from the austerity of a white cube gallery space. In one way, the art enhances the building; in another sense, the people and lived-in-ness bring humanity and feelings of home to the collection.  

Art-In-Buildings at 1000M's Award Winning Sales Gallery

Art-In-Buildings was founded in 2000 by Francis Greenburger by way of Time Equities Inc., where Greenburger is Chairman and CEO. Greenburger is a true patron of the arts who in 1986 created the Francis J. Greenburger Awards, awarded to under-recognized artists (past recipients include Magdalena Abakanowicz who’s public sculpture Agora lives in Grant Park); in 1992 Greenburger founded the Omi International Arts Center in Columbia County, New York, which offers residencies to artists, writers, musicians and dancers. Arts-In-Buildings has previously sponsored an Artists-In-Construction residency at 50 West in New York City, in which four artists received studio space and unrestricted access to the building under construction. The final works produced by the artists were in response to the construction itself and include epic portraits of the construction workers by Hugo Bastidas. While this project was unprecedented in its ambition and impact, 1000M buyers and neighborhood art lovers can expect that Greenburger’s commitment to art programming at 1000M will rise to meet the challenge.