Become an At-Home Mixologist with To-Go Cocktail Kits

5 May 2020

cocktail kit


Missing sipping on your favorite cocktail at that chic new spot around the corner? You can still bring the craft booze and vibe to your very own kitchen by becoming an at-home mixologist. Luckily, Chicago bars are making it easier than ever to be your own bartender, with many now selling make-at-home cocktail kits. Here’s just a few to try your hand at:

The Aviary’s Tropical Whiskey Sour

From the always-impressive Alinea Group, The Aviary a swanky cocktail bar best known for its intricately crafted drinks displayed in Instagram-worthy presentations. You can still take plenty of photos of your cocktail if you try out their make-at-home cocktail kit and recreate their tropical whiskey sour. You can order your to-go cocktail kits from them here — you can even choose the morning cocktail kit if you want pastries paired with it!

Gemini’s Velvet Old-Fashioned

Revamped Lincoln Park eatery and bar Gemini nailed the classic American bistro aesthetic. Now, Gemini is bringing their upscale comfort right to your own kitchen, with a mouthwatering takeout menu that includes family-style dinners and to-go cocktail kits. You can try their velvet old-fashioned or wild foraged distilled martini — decide for yourself and view their full takeout menu here.

Acadia’s Taiwanese Sakura Manhattan

South Loop’s airy and upscale Acadia serves fresh American dishes that exemplify the refreshing brininess of the East Coast. Their upscale, coastal-Maine inspired menu (and cocktails) are luckily still available for takeout and delivery — and their cocktail kit list is extensive. Try your hand at a St. George Negroni, Taiwanese Sakura Manhattan, Tangerine Dream Apricot Moscow Mule among others from the to-go menu here.