Building a Strong Foundation with Magnusson Klemencic Associates

4 February 2020


Building a skyscraper is no small feat, and in the process, many clever and creative minds play their part. We sat down with Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA), Structural Engineers for 1000M, to discuss how their role contributed to the building’s rise. 

With structural engineering so integral to the building’s success, the MKA team was involved early on. Architect Helmut Jahn and his team designed the building with a strong vision, shape and look, but turned to MKA to provide the building’s backbone from columns and walls to foundations and beams. Structural planning is crucial to designing a skyscraper, as the framework is a key component and may impact the look and feel of the building overall.


Planning for Height

Outside of the traditional considerations, at 74-stories and 830 feet tall, 1000M poses a unique challenge for structural engineering. A more typical 400-foot building in the city simply acts as a sail up in the air that catches wind, which naturally necessitates the structure to be strong and steadfast. Meanwhile, buildings as tall as 1000M interact with the wind in much more complex and fundamental ways than just as a sail. To further bolster an already sturdy structural frame, MKA designed a damping system at the top of 1000M. A damping system serves to counteract the sway of the building by using large tanks of water. When the wind pushes on the building, these large tanks maintain the building’s steady response using masses of water that slosh, providing momentum in the opposite direction of the wind. These two forces counteract one another, effectively damping the motions created by the wind. 1000M has two tanks in its damping system, each 40 feet long by 10 feet wide by 20 feet tall.


An Ongoing Collaboration

MKA was on the project team from the outset, carefully calculating and obtaining the necessary permits to make the building possible. With construction officially underway, the MKA team now dons their hard hats (metaphorically) to participate in the actual building process. The MKA team works closely with the James McHugh Construction Company team throughout the process, always a phone call away. As construction continues, MKA serves as an extra layer of quality control, and acts as problem-solvers, quick to resolve any unexpected challenges that may arise. 


With 1000M’s history of collaboration and with a robust team at the helm, the building promises to forge a strong path forward. Stay tuned for more updates on our construction process.