Buyer Spotlight: Pat Young

15 August 2019

Buyer spotlight on Pat Young


In a real estate career spanning four decades, @properties agent Pat Young has literally sold thousands of homes – first for home builders in Chicago’s suburbs and then for developers in the city. A few years ago, she shifted her practice to resales, but always maintained an interest in new construction. So when 1000M opened its sales center, Pat brought a client through for a showing. That client wound up buying a home in the building. Then another client bought. And then another. In fact, Pat’s clients have purchased seven condominiums at 1000M to date. So it was no surprise when Pat herself jumped on the bandwagon earlier this year, buying her own International Collection studio at 1000M. We sat down with Pat to find out why 1000M has been such a hit with her and her clients.


The obvious question: what drew you to 1000M?

I love architecture, and in a city like Chicago, architecture matters. Helmut Jahn has a worldwide reputation for high design and integrity. This building will be iconic. Another big factor was Kara Mann’s work on the interiors. Her designs are always on the leading edge, so it gives me confidence that 1000M’s interiors will be in vogue for many years. And then there’s the location, which is unique throughout the world. To be on the park with views of the lake…it’s marvelous.


You bought a studio within the International Collection. Tell us about your future home.

I’ve been downsizing for years. I live in a studio now, and the nice thing about owning a small space is that you can have a very high-end lifestyle without spending a lot of money. You live efficiently, and it’s very liberating. The International Collection is so well designed: good closet space, roomy baths and big windows. It’s very bright.


But you won’t be hosting Thanksgiving dinner?

That’s the beauty of 1000M. The amenities create so many possibilities. I actually can host a large dinner in the private dining room. My grandkids can come over for a swim or a round of golf on the simulator. And of course there is so much to do in the immediate area – museums, Soldier Field, theater, etc. It all comes back to that high-end lifestyle.


Any other amenities you’re excited about?

I think the whole entry experience is really spectacular. It’s something people don’t think about often enough, but the design of the first floor says a lot about how much you’ll enjoy living in a high-rise. At 1000M, the entrance on Michigan Avenue, the lobby, the Porte Cochere, it all speaks to Helmet Jahn’s understanding of how a condo building needs to function in order to offer residents a luxury experience.


You know this neighborhood pretty well. How have you seen it change over the years?

In the early 2000s, I managed the sales for three new condo towers across from Millennium Park – almost 1,000 units in all. Mayor Daley and a handful of developers had the vision to see the East Loop, Millennium Park and Grant Park as a residential neighborhood. Today, it’s one of the most vibrant areas of the city. All of the culture is south of the River. I go to the Art Institute. I love walking along the lakefront and seeing concerts at Soldier Field. There are great restaurants. And the neighborhood is only getting better.