21 May 2020

Styling Tips from Kara Mann

Inspired by spaces within 1000M, interior designer Kara Mann shares her styling tips that can transform a room (even during shelter-in-place).

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30 January 2020

Making a Model of 1000M

We sat down with Columbian Model & Exhibit Works to discuss what it took to make the stunning 1000M Sales Gallery building model.

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2 January 2020

Wellness Resolutions for 2020

As we make our New Years resolutions for 2020, placing emphasis on overall wellness will ensure we start the year strong.

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15 August 2019

Outstanding Outdoors

Residents of 1000M will enjoy a variety of luxury outdoor amenities, unrivaled by other Chicago condominium buildings.

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13 August 2019

Cozy Up With A Browsing Of Residential Libraries Designed By Women

Recently, Forbes spotlighted residential libraries designed by women, with a feature on the 1000M Level 11 Library Lounge. Read more here.

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18 July 2019

Creating the Perfect Private Library

Unique Home recently shared an article on designing the perfect private library, including a feature on 1000M. Read more here.

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25 June 2019

Suburban Amenities in Urban Cities: Noteworthy News

1000M has been creating buzz in recent media for our luxury amenities that create suburban-level comfort in an urban setting.

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16 May 2019

Patio Season in Chicago

When the first rays of summer sun hit the city, everyone knows what it means: the outdoor season has begun. We're sharing the best patio season dining spots near 1000M.

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2 May 2019

Yoga and the City: Effects of a Mindful Practice

The Level 11 Sun Deck at 1000M outdoor yoga and meditation space is the perfect place to stretch in the sun, and take advantage of the surprising health benefits of yoga.

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17 April 2019

Health Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

By improving your sleep habits utilizing these tips and 1000M's amenities, you're sure to get your best night's sleep - and some surprising health benefits.

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2 April 2019

How to Approach the Spring Real Estate Market

The 1000M sales team shares strategies to help potential buyers approach the spring real estate market in Chicago.

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28 March 2019

The Level 11 Sun Deck | Vitamin D Without The Crowded Beach

Sun exposure has been blamed for causing premature skin wrinkling and skin cancer, but avoiding sunlight entirely can be just as bad.

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5 March 2019

Art-in-Buildings at 1000M: How to Curate a Private Collection

When it comes to seeking beauty in their own home, 1000M residents can find inspiration in the privately curated art collection within the building itself. If residents are inspired by the art at 1000M and are looking to start their own collection, here a few steps to get started.

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26 February 2019

1000M: A Haven for Musicians

Diving into the music scene is one of the best ways to get involved with Chicago cultural happenings, and 1000M is the perfect hub for music enthusiasts and musicians to get connected and stay in the know.

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31 January 2019

Level 72: Wake Up In The Sky (Deck)

Read on to discover what makes the one-of-a-kind rooftop getaway such an integral part of the 1000M living experience.

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22 January 2019

Entertaining Family at 1000M

Although Chicago boasts some of the best winter events, sometimes you can’t help but crave a weekend at home. At 1000M, there’s no such thing as being bored at home; our amenities keep you and your family entertained.

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17 January 2019

The Level 11 Spa: Saunas Aren't Just For Pampering

Saunas aren't just for relaxation. Read on to learn about the health benefits and why you should fit some quality sauna time into your busy schedule.

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15 January 2019

Four Healthy Habits for 2019

Looking for a few more resolutions for the new year? Check out our top four healthy habits to explore in 2019.

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8 January 2019

January Blues: Why Color Palette Matters

The 1000M interiors, carefully crafted by Kara Mann, utilize color palette to create a harmonious, open atmosphere.

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26 December 2018

The Joys of Winter Greenery

As the cold sets in to Chicago and the sky darkens closer to 4:00, it’s easy to slip into winter doldrums. On Level 72, our Winter Garden teems with plantlife year round, allowing residents to soak in the mental and physical benefits of indoor greenery.

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13 December 2018

Take the Plunge: The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

With ancient roots, hydrotherapy has a rich past and plenty of benefits. Check out how 1000M residents can incorporate it into their regular routine at the 1000M Spa.

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11 December 2018

Shout It From The Rooftops: The Shifting Ethos Atop Buildings

The evolution of rooftop amenities is gathering increasing momentum; read all about 1000M's Level 72 from our latest Forbes spotlight.

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6 December 2018

Embrace Your Space: What Makes the Perfect Living Room

Of all the spaces within a home, the living room is the center for gathering, entertaining and relaxing. At 1000M, our living spaces are designed to be a cut above the rest.

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1 November 2018

How Do High-End Properties Shake Up Spa Treatments? Salt Therapy

"Among the leading trends in high-end spas these days is use of Halotherapy, often referred to as salt therapy." Check out Forbes' spotlight on the 1000M Himalayan Salt Room.

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25 October 2018

Autumn Amenities at 1000M

At 1000M, we promise an uncompromising commitment to the art of living, with amazing amenities not found anywhere else, providing residents with everything needed to savor the season from the comfort of home. Read more about our amazing autumn amenities.

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24 October 2018

Club 1000 Sets the Scene for Memorable Private Gatherings

Located on the 72nd floor of the building, Club 1000 brings a host of ultra-luxurious amenities and services that can be enjoyed year-round. Here are the highlights:

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20 September 2018


At 1000M, we believe that being well is an ideal way to SEEK BEAUTY. Read our list of top picks for the rest of September on the blog!

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30 August 2018

Texture Marbles In Bathrooms Exude Luxury

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Buyers expect the highest level of custom finishes in the top condominiums– and architects and developers are delivering.

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28 August 2018

Luxury Amenities in Vertical Villages

“At 1000M, a 73-story building overlooking Grant Park, Michigan Ave. and Lake Michigan in Chicago, and 50 West, a 64-story building with views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor in New York City, the abundance of amenities creates a “vertical village” for residents.”

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16 August 2018


In the midst of all the city bustle, there’s nothing like escaping to a private aerie to enjoy an elegant night under the stars. 72 stories up, 1000M’s Sky Terrace is the ultimate destination to fully immerse yourself in elegance.

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7 August 2018

Club 1000: Residents-Only Bars and Restaurants

Though there are many social spaces throughout 1000M, few are as enviable as the residents-only Club 1000, which is located on the 72nd-floor.

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11 July 2018

A Match Made In Heaven: Book-matched Marble

When celebrated interior designer Kara Mann designed 1000M’s interiors, she included a number of features that make each home feel custom, including book-matching the marble in 1000M’s kitchens.

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11 July 2018


At the heart of the wellness offerings is 1000M’s 11th floor Spa, which has a number of innovative features not found in any other condo building in Chicago.

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5 July 2018

Entertaining on Level 11

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or hosting a casual summer night in, 1000M is the perfect space for entertaining.

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28 June 2018

1000M Library Lounge

No matter what you’re reading, the 1000M Library is the perfect place to curl up with a great book and enjoy the views.

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26 June 2018

The Himalayan Salt Room: Alternative Medicine with Integrity

The Wellness Center inside 1000M provides therapeutic experiences from across the world and exclusive to 1000M — including the only Himalayan Salt room within the Chicago city limits.

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21 June 2018


Struggling with stress? Read all about the benefits of meditation and the 1000M Spa, with a spotlight on Chill Chicago, a local meditation, yoga and massage studio.

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12 June 2018

Art-In-Buildings at 1000M: Ben Murray

Dear Cultural Connoisseurs, today we’re back with the second installment of Art-In-Buildings at 1000M. If you missed our first post, we’re covering the world-class collection of contemporary art currently on display at the award-winning 1000M Sales Gallery. For this second installment, we will be discussing Ben Murray and his piece, Hall (2015), part of his series of paintings In Life Review, which was exhibited at Monique Meloche Gallery in 2017. Hall is currently installed in Conference Room #2 of the 1000M Sales Gallery.

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5 June 2018

The Level 11 Spa: On Wellness and Being

No doubt you’ve seen the press about the exquisite Spa at 1000M, part of the sprawling 40,000 square feet of amenities provided by the ultra-luxury condominium tower. Let’s dive deeper into details of the Spa and the host of other wellness offerings unique to 1000M.

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4 June 2018


1000M, the 74-story, super-luxury high-rise, is embracing year-round strategies to promote clean air, without sacrificing luxury or sustainability.

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29 May 2018

Hot and Cold: Why State-of-the-Art HVAC Matters

Whether Chicago is blanketed in snow or drenched in summer sun, 1000M residents will enjoy their stunning views without ever having to battle harsh conditions, thanks to 1000M’s custom HVAC platform.

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24 May 2018

History of the Porte-cochère: 1000M's Modern Take on a Classic Structure

As a prominent design feature elegantly integrated into the exterior of 1000M, the sleek Porte-cochère that leads to our expansive 400-car garage allows residents to travel effortlessly from their luxurious condos to their destinations.

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15 May 2018

Perfect Wine, Forever Views and Radical Thinking

If you’re an oenophile, you take your wine seriously. That doesn’t just mean choosing the right bottle and perfect pairing; it simply must include the way the wine is stored, handled and served. Here at 1000M, we relish every last detail of connoisseurship.

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10 May 2018

The 1000M Sun Deck: A Luxury Getaway

Amidst the chaotic bustle of the city, there’s nothing like a relaxing escape to refresh and restore. For residents of 1000M, a luxurious getaway is only an elevator ride away.

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1 May 2018

Level 72: An Additional 10,000 SF of Amenities

Last week we began featuring some of 1000M’s splendid amenities to be found on Level 11. As we continue our journey, let’s pay a visit to Level 72, where 1000M’s very own Sky Terrace and Winter Garden are located. Perched like a precious nest high on a mountaintop, Level 72 doubles as an observation deck located on the top floor of our Helmut Jahn-designed luxury condominium skyscraper.

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26 April 2018

Tired of passe condo fitness centers? Over-the-top spas take wellness to another level.

At the 1000M condo on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, residents can take advantage of ice therapy and a Himalayan salt room that claims to clear pollens, viruses, toxins and pollutants from your body.

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