Caffeine Buzz | Chicago’s Best Coffee Shops

19 March 2019

Coffee is everywhere in our contemporary culture, but where do you go if you want an special, artisanal caffeine experience? Chicago is home to an abundance of smaller, independently-owned coffee shops, each with their own unique vibe and flavor. Continue reading to learn about some of the best places in Chicago to get your daily dose of java.


Wicker Park

In Wicker Park you’ll find The Wormhole Coffee at 1462 N Milwaukee Ave, a theme-based shop home to delicious coffee and a treasure trove of 80s nostalgia. Posters from classic movies such as Indiana Jones and Ghostbusters fill the walls, as well as a model of the Back To The Future DeLorean. They also offer tasty bites from the acclaimed bakery, Fritz Pastry. Other shops to visit in the area include La Colombe at 1552 N Damen Ave, Caffé Streets at 1750 W Division St, and Purple Llama at 2140 W Division St, a shop offering craft coffee, tea and a curated selection of records.


Learn about some of the best places in Chicago to get an artisanal caffeine experience.
The Wormhole Coffee – 1462 N Milwaukee Ave


Logan Square

Colectivo Coffee at 2261 N Milwaukee Ave is a Wisconsin-based roaster that now has multiple Chicago locations. The Logan Square shop is a great place to get work done, featuring a large outdoor patio, delicious seasonal pastries and beer on tap. Intelligentsia, located at 2642 N Milwaukee Ave also has multiple shops scattered across the city. If you like knowledgeable baristas and perfect cappuccinos, this is the coffee shop for you. At 2385 N Milwaukee Ave you’ll find Gaslight Coffee Roasters, a charming shop housed in the space of a former drug store. The aesthetic of the shop is inspired by apothecaries of the 1800s, featuring reclaimed wood, vintage inspired wallpaper, and lanterns. Seattle-based Caffe Umbria’s Logan Square location at 2545 W Armitage Ave is home to a roastery, café, as well as a training lab for local wholesale customers. The shop offers traditional coffee and espresso-based drinks, along with fun specialities such as their Caffé Marocchino (espresso, Italian chocolate sauce, steamed milk, cocoa powder)


Learn about some of the best places in Chicago to get an artisanal caffeine experience.
Caffe Umbria – 2545 W Armitage Ave



At 2035 N Western Ave you’ll find Ipsento, a shop that goes by the motto “the best coffee tells stories.” They’re known for their friendly baristas, in house roasted coffee and their sandwiches. Also in the area is Fairgrounds at 1620 N Milwaukee Ave, a shop where you can sample craft brews from over 20 different premium roasters from across the country.  


Learn about some of the best places in Chicago to get an artisanal caffeine experience.
Fairgrounds – 1620 N Milwaukee Ave


West Loop

Sawada Coffee at 112 N Green St is home to the famous Military Latte, a green espresso beverage made with matcha and white chocolate. In addition to great coffee, the shop features a hand painted espresso machine and a ping pong table. Meddle Coffee Bar at 601 W Jackson Blvd provides the West Loop with brews from local favorite roasters Dark Matter Coffee.


Learn about some of the best places in Chicago to get an artisanal caffeine experience.
Sawada Coffee – 112 N Green St


There are far too many coffee shops for a comprehensive list, but we must mention local chains Big Shoulders Coffee and Dark Matter Coffee. Big Shoulders Coffee has 5 locations around the city. They’re home to an inviting atmosphere, amazing blends and unique brewing technologies. If you plan to get comfortable and get work done they even offer free refills. Dark Matter Coffee is a roasting company which manages multiple coffee shops throughout Chicago. Their original location, Star Lounge, is located at 2521 W Chicago Ave in Ukrainian Village along with their roastery at 738 N Western Ave, known as “The Mothership”. Along with Osmium in Lakeview (1117 W Belmont Ave) and Meddle Coffee Bar (601 W Jackson Blvd) there’s plenty of opportunity to access their craft coffee, knowledgeable baristas, and hip atmosphere.


When residents of 1000M venture into the neighborhoods to find their favorite cup of coffee, they won’t be disappointed!