21 June 2018

Imagine your day: stress, schedules, anxieties and deadlines looming. Then imagine letting go of them, immersing yourself into calm.

 Struggling with stress? Read all about the benefits of meditation on our blog, with a spotlight on Chill Chicago, a local meditation, yoga and massage studio.

Amidst any hectic day, meditation is a powerful tool for refocusing your mind, improving concentration and reducing stress. The practice has deep, ancient roots stemming from the Indus Valley as early as 5,000 BCE, and has slowly made its way into widespread health practices. After finally being studied seriously for its medical benefits in the 1960s, meditation has grown into an increasingly common practice. Studies continue to confirm its wideranging medical benefits, including reducing pain and managing stress. As Chill Chicago, a local meditation, yoga and massage studio puts it, “stillness is the new Xanax.”


Chill Chicago is one of the studios bringing modern meditation and all of its benefits to the bustle of the city. Their programming helps reduce stress, enhance sleep and boost immune systems, and includes classes focused on rest, insight and breath. For those who want to incorporate movement into their practice, Chill offers sessions with 30 minutes of gentle yoga followed by another 30 minutes of guided meditation. They even have classes for children and families to teach students of all ages mindful practices. And if you’re still a little skeptical about meditation, Chill offers various massage sessions, ranging from short chair massages to deeper shiatsu massage, to fit your schedule. A 20 minute massage on your lunch break? Yes, please.


Committed to the art of living, 1000M creates a paradise where residents can escape from the stress of daily life. As part of the 1000M Spa, the Virtual Meditation Lounge is the perfect place to practice the healing art of meditation throughout the day. The Spa also includes a Sauna, Steam Room, Plunge Pools and a Therapy Room, reassuring all 1000M residents that rest and relaxation is never far away.