Cooking Classes in Chicago

8 August 2019

Three people participate in a cooking class.


At 1000M, we seek beauty everywhere, including on the dinner plate. There’s no better way to truly indulge in a meal than to cook it yourself, so we’re bringing you the best cooking classes that Chicago has to offer. 


Local Foods

Local Foods is a one-of-a-kind distribution center, grocery and event space that distributes and sells produce from local family farms to the city’s most acclaimed chefs, hotels, grocers, caterers, schools and institutions. Alongside hosting a Sunday Supper Club Pop-Up, they offer culinary classes covering an array of in-depth topics: next up is Pickling. Past classes have included mozzarella-making, kombucha, lamb butchery and more. 

Local Foods is located at 1427 W Willow St #1, Chicago, IL 60642.



Eataly Chicago is a vibrant Italian marketplace with two floors of markets and a wide variety of restaurants and counters. You can go there to eat and sip, shop for groceries and wine or maybe even do something a little bit more in-depth. This marketplace hub has a regular slate of tantalizing cooking class options. If you want to feel like you’re learning to cook on a honeymoon in Italy, then look no further. Classes offered include pizza workshops, pasta cooking, butchery, gnocchi, arancini and more. 

Eataly Chicago is located at 43 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611.


Naveen’s Cuisine

Naveen’s Cuisine is Chicago’s best recreational cooking school. The school has been run for the past sixteen years by Naveen himself — and he’ll be teaching your cooking class, too. The school keeps a constant roster of classes going and also offers private family, friends and corporate events. Upcoming classes include samosas, thai cooking, indian vegan, curry night, saag paneer and wing curry and more mouthwatering options.

Naveen’s Cuisine is located at 2325 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647.



Cozymeal offers a very unique experience for booking a cooking class. When signing up for a class, you’re paired with some of the best chefs in town, all bringing their own special culinary flavor to the mix. When you book an experience, you’re able to select whether you’d like to attend a class at a premium venue or at your own home—and the class and chef will come to you. Upcoming classes include French family dinner, Latin American flavors, Austin taco truck tastes, sushi adventures and more. 

Cozymeal Chicago is located at 141 W Jackson Blvd Suite 300A, Chicago, IL 60604.