Football Sundays: Luxury Developments with the Best Entertainment Spaces to Watch the Game

24 September 2019

The Level 72 Winter Garden at 1000M luxury condominiums.

Football season is upon us, which means that from here on out, every Sunday is dedicated to the sport. While some might argue that cheering for your team is best done at a sports bar, Luxe Expose believes that with the right luxury home, Football Sundays are getting even better.

In a recent article, Luxe Expose featured 1000M as one luxury development with the best entertainment space to watch the game. Here’s what they had to say:

“Residents at 1000M, the 74-story luxury condominium coming to Chicago, can cheer on the Bears in 1000M’s theater with cinema-style seating or the billiards lounge and game room. To celebrate wins, residents can head up to Club 1000 after the game, 1000M’s full-service bar and lounge on the 72nd floor, for a celebratory drink.” 

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