Getting Creative in Your Kitchen

9 April 2020

Hands kneading bread dough


With the shelter-in-place order now extended until April 30, we continue to seek ways to stay entertained in the comfort of our homes. And what better place to get inventive than in your own kitchen? We love cooking because it keeps us on our toes, helps pass the time and the results are tasty. To kickstart your journey, we’re sharing some inspiration that will help you get creative in your kitchen.


Try Your Hand at Pastry

Inspired by the mandate to social distance, Vogue recently shared a tantalizing article spotlighting four pastry chef’s favorite comfort-cooking recipes. The recipes offer a chance to get crafty in the kitchen, and to sample tastes from beloved bakeries across the country, as each pastry chef comes from a pastry shop in a different city. With vegan and gluten-free options on the list, and a rich, five-ingredient cake involved, you’ll want to go down the list and try your hand at each chef’s invention.


Something for Everyone at Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is every home cook’s dream. Chef-inspired recipes are paired with food-stylist-prepared photos, teasing you to tackle the recipe with gumption and an artistic approach to plating. Bon Appetit compiled a whole slew of resources to inspire at-home cooking during the time of coronavirus, which you can explore here. The cooking hub said it best when stating: “There’s one thing we know for sure: cooking is one way we can bring some order—and importantly, a sense of pleasure—into our lives.” 


Jump Onto the Bread Bandwagon

Everyone and their mother is making bread during the pandemic. Rather than ask yourself why, ask yourself why not? There’s an unlimited array of bread recipes out there, perfect for novice and seasoned bakers alike. Get started with this no-knead five-minute bread recipe (or this no-yeast bread, if you’re running short on ingredients), then kick it up a notch with “the best, easiest” focaccia and finally fully commit by falling into the sourdough craze.


What are you cooking and doing to stay creative in your kitchen? Share your recipes and fully-realized creations with us on social media @1000MChicago.