Goat Island at the Chicago Cultural Center

4 June 2019

One of the most visited attractions in Chicago, the Chicago Cultural Center is a stunning landmark building, home to two magnificent stained-glass domes. Just a stone’s throw from 1000M, the Cultural Center also features free music, dance and theater events, films, lectures, art exhibitions and family events. Currently on exhibit is the Goat Island Archive, archiving and celebrating an influential performance arts group.

A History of Goat Island

Chicago-based Goat Island put on nine performances over the group’s lifetime from 1986-2009. Their experimental dance was supplemented by publications, film and video projects, workshops, summer schools and lectures and symposia. The result was the creation of an institution that transcended the stage, influencing generations of artists, theatre makers, cultural theorists, social philosophers and teachers.

The Exhibit: We Have Discovered the Performance by Making It

The exhibit at the Cultural Center is an answer to the question: how do you showcase performances past? The archive, located in the Exhibition Hall, 4th Floor North, includes photographs, drawings, choreographic scores, traveling cases and costumes.

In a conjoined room, the exhibit also replicated the church gymnasium where the collective rehearsed. The space will house ten new performances inspired by the nine performances created by Goat Islandnine will be original works from national and international performance groups, and the tenth will be created from fragments of the nine performances.


The performances are both part of the Chicago Cultural Center exhibit and part of the citywide IN>TIME Festival, Chicago’s triennial performance festival featuring performances, presentations and exhibitions by local, national and international artists at venues throughout the city. Both the exhibit and IN>TIME also coincide with 2019 being dubbed as the “Year of Chicago Theatre,” a city-wide, yearlong focus on theatre that is the first of its kind in the US.

With a prime location on Michigan Avenue, 1000M is in the center of the best Chicago cultural happenings.

The Chicago Cultural Center is located at 78 E Washington St. Open Mon-Fri 10-7 and Sat-Sun 10-5. Find a full schedule of Goat Island performances, here.