Green Homes 2.0: Sustainability and Resilience in New Construction

24 March 2020

Exterior view of 1000M building


Chicago Agent Magazine recently published a timely article exploring sustainable construction in a climate-change affected world, including a feature on 1000M. While “green homes are nothing new,” the article shares, noting that The U.S. Green Building Council has been around since 1993, green building is gaining traction not just in the commercial sphere, but in the residential sector, too. With the Chicagoland region performing as one of the top markets for LEED certification, sustainability is now permeating the local market. 

The article goes on to state that our luxury residential skyscraper has adopted LEED certification in the going-green movement. Here’s what they shared:

John Goldsworthy has had a front-row seat in this recent expansion of LEED-certified residential space in Chicago. The broker and manager of development sales and marketing at @properties works with builders who put up sustainable and resilient structures, as well as renovate existing buildings to make them more environmentally friendly. He represents the developers of the 1000M condo building that’s going up at 1000 S. Michigan Ave. in Chicago’s South Loop. That project is being developed with LEED certification in mind. Features designed to lessen the 74-story tower’s impact on the environment include the use of core building materials that are sourced from within a 500-mile radius and those that contain high levels of recycled materials.”

You can read the full feature at Chicago Agent Magazine, here.