Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

17 April 2019


The most commonly shared sleep tip is that adults should get seven to eight hours of it each night. But there’s so much more to a healthy night’s sleep than just numbers. And beyond catching your best Z’s, there are surprising health benefits that come along with improving your sleep habits. At 1000M, we’ve got you covered. By introducing new habits and utilizing the building’s luxe amenity spaces, you’re sure to get your best night’s sleep.


Today, most people have trouble sleeping because their circadian rhythm — the natural regulator calibrated by detecting sunlight — is confused by modern technology. Cell phones and computer screens disrupt the sleep cycle, interfering with your body’s ability to detect the difference between natural and synthetic light. Other challenges, like the stress of packed daily schedules or frequent travel, may be keeping you up too.


Here are a few tips to help you get a healthy night’s sleep:


Enhance natural light: Adding more natural light into your life will aid in keeping your circadian rhythm happy and well-regulated. Each home at 1000M is flooded with natural light through full-height glass windows.


Get outdoors: Being outdoors is a simple way to include more natural light in your day. At 1000M, residents can utilize the Sun Deck and Sky Terrace.


Practice good sleep hygiene: Try to avoid hanging out, eating and using technology screens in bed save your bed for bedtime. Instead, try out the beautiful, comfy couches in 1000M’s Library Lounge.


Eat at set times: Eating a big meal, or drinking caffeine, before bed can spike your hormone levels out of their natural rhythm. Even though the neighborhood around 1000M is a haven of foodie-favorite spots, try to leave time between an indulgence and going to bed.


According to scientists, you should maintain a constant sleep-wake cycle, even on the weekends. Wake with the morning sun, before 10 a.m. Get into bed even as early as 9:30 p.m. Maintaining a consist sleep cycle increases deep sleep and has surprising health benefits.


Here are a just a few:


Maintain weight regularity: Because sleep and metabolism are related, you’re actually more hungry when you’re overtired.


Lower risk for serious health problems: People who sleep well get sick less often. Beyond that, being well-rested can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes because healthy sleep keeps your heart healthy and reduces inflammation.


Improve memory: During sleep, a process takes place called “consolidation” where you strengthen your memories and your brain practices skills learned while awake.  


Spur creativity: While your brain strengthens memories and its learned skill, it also reorganizes and restructures them in sleep, which can boost your creativity. Being on the Cultural Mile means 1000M has everything you need to satiate creative urges when they strike.


Improve your mood: Healthy sleep can reduce stress and high blood pressure. This may lead to improving relationships and being less cranky. It can even help fight depression. During your sleep cycle, your body produces the hormone serotonin, the deficiency of which causes depression.


Beautify your skin: Sleep helps the body repair itself because cells create more protein during sleep to repair damage. One such protein is the human growth hormone, referred to as the body’s natural anti-aging hormone. Beauty sleep is real, and at 1000M we #SeekBeauty.


Knowing how to set yourself up for your best night’s sleep is important, as these health benefits show. At 1000M, residents can make themselves their most comfortable, sleep deeply and reap the benefits. And for a little extra R-and-R, you can always visit the 1000M Spa and The Meditation Room, Plunge Pools, Steam Room, Beauty Bar and Hydration Station.