How Do High-End Properties Shake Up Spa Treatments? Salt Therapy

1 November 2018

Among the leading trends in high-end spas these days is use of Halotherapy, often referred to as salt therapy. Check out Forbes' spotlight on the 1000M Himalayan Salt Room

“In downtown Chicago, salt has all too often been thought of as something that migrates from the roadways upwards to unattractively coat your footwear, lower pants leg and vehicle after a typical mid-winter, lake-effect snow event. That transition has been known to result in a few salty epithets being uttered by victims of said migration.

The opulent spa at 1000M, the city’s 74-story South Loop luxury condominium tower now under development, is imbuing salt with a better name. It promises that among its multiple options for effortless relaxation and wellness will be a Himalayan salt room in its Level 11 Spa. The Himalayan salt room is designed to soothe both mind and body, while helping clear pollens, viruses, toxins and other pollutants from the body.

Home buyers at 1000M are very excited about our Himalayan salt room, which is the first such room in a residential building in Chicago,” says Cyndy Salgado, executive vice president development, sales and marketing with 1000M’s exclusive sales team, @properties. “Salt therapy is known to have myriad health benefits, and 45 minutes in a salt room is the equivalent of three days of seaside air. That’s something most Chicagoans will do just about anything for, come January and February.'”

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