Kara Mann Designs:  Interior Vision Brought to Life at 1000M

2 February 2018

Kara Mann’s interior design career is built on a certain brand of edgy classicism. Her celebration of both masculine and feminine elements within her work has made her one of the most sought-after interior designers in the country, and she now brings her signature styling to the fore at 1000M.

Kara Mann

Kara Mann’s Early Career

Kara Mann’s design practice benefits from her multifaceted background. With a degree in interior design, a study of fine arts and a career as a former fashion stylist, Kara possesses a uniquely nuanced vision of what interior design can be. Her namesake interior design firm was founded in 2003, and Mann has since gone on to open a Manhattan outpost, working with a range of commercial and residential clients including Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and Chicago’s Talbott Hotel.

Her eye for distinctive, luxe design is evident in her choice of rich materials, often accompanying striking silhouettes that toe the line between contemporary and classic. That aesthetic was evident nowhere more than Kara Mann’s showroom, open from 2007 to 2011. The curious can still take a peek and gather a sense of Mann’s range. From bold and unusual wooden chairs and tables to a more classic sofa and armchair outfitted in sumptuous fabric, her showroom was the epitome of her patented cool-girl chic.

Kara Mann Interiors

Kara Mann’s Milling Road Collection

Mann’s unique styling sensibilities caught the eye of Baker Furniture, which invited the designer to create her own collection. The 54-piece Kara Mann furniture collection for their Milling Road label is full of lush statements, including a velvet chaise lounge that would be at home in a fabled Hollywood star’s boudoir, and strong natural accents, such as a graphic wood and Lucite side table. She favors daring lines that take on unexpected shapes and perfectly complement Baker’s dedication to masterful craftsmanship.

The pieces are modern yet timeless, thanks to Mann’s meticulous attention to detail, and add just the right amount of edge to a room. Mann’s gift for blending opposing styles into something harmonious is evident throughout, combining the architectural with the simplistic to make a statement. A second collection with the brand is already in the works.

Kara Mann’s Interiors for 1000M

Mann’s appreciation for the modern and the natural makes her a fitting choice as 1000M’s interior designer. From the interior layouts to finish selections, no detail was too small to escape Mann’s characteristic styling.

Kara Mann’s Interiors for 1000M

She pushed the boundaries of her layouts for 1000M, working to “optimize views and square footage,” according to a recent Architectural Digest interview. The result is a stunning yet welcoming interior that puts the views of Grant Park and Lake Michigan front and center. Airy and open, the natural wood flooring and light walls are the perfect accompaniments to the expansive windows and are accented with luxe marble throughout. Mann hopes her vision resonates with fellow design enthusiasts, ushering in a new, modern era in Chicago’s interior design landscape with 1000M’s styling. The final product is sure to make beauty-seeking urbanites swoon.


To see more of Kara Mann’s design work, please visit her website.