Michigan Avenue’s 1000M Focuses on Inner Space

19 June 2017

“We don’t do a lot of news about interiors around here.  But then we haven’t heard too much out of 1000M in a while, either.  So that’s why we’re mentioning that the people behind Helmut Jahn’s new Michigan Avenue skyscraper have picked Kara Mann to kit out the inside  of the 74-story tower.

1000M (1000 South Michigan Avenue) replaces a surface parking lot that incredibly has managed to survive for years, scarring Chicago’s premier skyscraper streetwall.  It will help complete the block it’s on, while making that stretch of Michigan Avenue more attractive and walkable.  And tourists can stop asking their Uber drivers, ‘What went wrong there? Must have been something terrible for there to be an empty lot across from Grant Park!'”

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Flooded with light, 1000M kitchens feature luxury appliances and Kara Mann’s custom color palettes.