4 June 2018

“Billed as the ultra-luxury condominium coming to Chicago, 1000M is a LEED-certified project from the mind of architect Helmut Jahn, with interior design by Kara Mann. According to a company sales update, this 74-storey, 323-unit project has been downtown Chicago’s top-selling development since sales launched last fall. Perhaps this is no surprise, considering Chicago recently ranked as the sixth worst US city for allergies.”

1000M, the 74-story, super-luxury high-rise, is embracing year-round strategies to promote clean air, without sacrificing luxury or sustainability.

“1000M’s splendor is evident the moment you enter this condominium on the shores of Lake Michigan, as the two-storey lobby exudes elegance and grandeur. Explore the building a little further and you’ll find a fitness centre, library lounge and cinema theatre. There’s a musical conservatory for concerts and art exhibitions, an outdoor garden area, an indoor winter garden and a sundeck. 1000M also provides spa services (including a virtual meditation lounge) for people AND for dogs. There’s even an elevator exclusively reserved for pets, to separate them from allergy sufferers.

Speaking of which, what would a hypoallergenic luxury residence be without an effective air filtration system? Outdoor air is diligently filtered before being dispatched to each condo residence, thus minimizing pollutants, allergens and dust. This turns the home into a sneeze-free refuge for anyone who suffers from allergies.

Luxury, sustainability and good health via allergy-filtration—what more could a beautiful home offer?”

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