The Level 11 Spa: On Wellness and Being

5 June 2018

No doubt you’ve seen the press about the exquisite Spa at 1000M, part of the sprawling 40,000 square feet of amenities provided by the ultra-luxury condominium tower. Let’s dive deeper into details of the Spa and the host of other wellness offerings unique to 1000M.

The 1000M Spa takes wellness and luxury to the next level
The 1000M Spa takes wellness and luxury to the next level.

The Fundamentals of Wellness and Spa Culture

The fundamentals of any meaningful spa experience begin with the Sauna for dry heat sessions, excellent for muscle relaxation, and the Steam Room which utilizes moist heat sessions for detoxification. We recommend alternating between the two modes of heat repeatedly to reach personal nirvana…And as you segue between dry and steam, enter your choice of Hot and Cold Plunge Pools, which provide temperature controlled hydrotherapy. It’s a commonly held belief in global spa cultures in Scandinavian, Russian and East Asian countries that pushing your body’s internal temperature, regulating it and repeating the cycle not only helps with relaxation but strengthens your mind, body and spirit (a great benefit in the face of Chicago’s harsh climes!).

Take cold to the next level, in a safe, controlled environment, with Ice Therapy which is available for cryotherapy routines. Routines can involve whole-body cryotherapy or can be used to target specific areas like painful joints or even for facials. Benefits to cryotherapy include pain relief, muscle healing, weight loss, preventing dementia and cancer, reducing anxiety and depression, treating migraines and more.

Himalayan Salt is known to have long-standing health benefits and is conducive to relaxation
Himalayan Salt is known to have long-standing health benefits and is conducive to relaxation.

Guided Relaxation and Well Being

For a more involved and guided process, special treatments, massages and facials are available to 1000M residents in the Himalayan Salt Room and Spa Therapy Room. What makes the Himalayan Salt Room special is the use of a sodium chloride compound to naturally saturate the air to provide a rich collection of minerals that our bodies crave. Benefits include clearing respiratory issues, reducing inflammatory pain and soothing skin ailments. Though there is still much to be studied scientifically, salt therapy has been practiced around the globe for hundreds of years and the benefits are both luxurious and promising. Private treatments may be booked at the full-service Concierge located at the reception area of Level 11.

The Virtual Meditation Room provides an ambient space to meditate
The Virtual Meditation Room provides an ambient space to meditate.

When it comes to spa culture, therapeutic results come from intense yet controlled experiences. To truly relax, 1000M provides several ambient lounges to kickback. The Heated Lounge and Virtual Meditation Lounge provide a chill (no pun intended) space to release tension and reduce stress. Though the Virtual Meditation Lounge may be just one facet of the 1000M spa experience, it’s not the only location to embark on a yogic practice; the Multi-purpose Studio is available for yoga as part of the Level 11 Fitness Center — along with the exceptional Strength Training Room and Cardio Room. The Level 11 Sun Deck also offers an outdoor yoga area and meditation space, in case you want to perform your sun salutations under the sun!


Throughout your experience at the 1000M Spa, don’t forget to continually take advantage of the Hydration Lounge, with its daily tea service. The perfect spa experience is all about balancing extremes with a steady undercurrent of tranquility. At 1000M, luxurious attention to design meets a serious commitment to wellness, allowing you to soak in all that’s offered in style.