Open House Chicago

17 October 2019

Inside a touring site that's part of Open House Chicago.

When you hear the word festival, you might think of an abundance of music or food to be enjoyed. But how about access to an abundance of architectural treasures across Chicago? The Chicago Architecture Center is hosting their annual festival, Open House Chicago, and opening the doors of more than 350 impressive buildings across the city. And best of all — it’s free.


Open House Chicago

Open House Chicago (OHC) takes place every year for one full weekend in October. This year, the festival falls on October 19-20, with participating locations open from 10 AM – 5 PM, although times may vary by site. The festival is put on by the Chicago Architecture Center (CAC), a non-profit organization dedicated to offering tours, exhibitions, programs and events for all ages in order to inspire people to discover why design matters.

As part of the festival, 350 sites across more than 38 neighborhoods in the city are selected for inclusion and open their doors to the public. Each site has something different to offer, reflecting the cultural diversity and history of Chicago, as well as the unique culture and history of each neighborhood. There’s no specific type of architectural site included: participating locations span everything from private clubs to places of worship to manufacturing facilities.

The best part about the festival is that you can curate your own, personal itinerary from the 350 sites. (There’s always next year.)


Visit the Open House Chicago website for a full list of participating sites, programs and more.