The Very Private World Of Resident-Only Bars, Restaurants

4 October 2018

Open only to residents and their invited guests, residents-only bars and restaurants offer exalted experiences that whisper of the distinction and privilege residents of these buildings alone relish.

“Up until now, a luxury building with an address in the Gold Coast, Streeterville or even River North may have felt exclusive enough. Not anymore. Residents of 1000M alone will have access to Club 1000, a full-service bar and lounge on the building’s 72nd floor. Sculpted by interior designer Kara Mann, the establishment will allow residents and their very special guests to savor live music and other entertainment while sipping libations.

‘For 1000M, we wanted to provide a breathtaking space at the top of the building that could be used for all residents,’ said Ethan Coleman, asset manager at Time Equities, the co-developer of the condominium.

‘[It’s] something that doesn’t exist in any other building in Chicago. With Club 1000 specifically, we were looking to create a unique, active social space for our homeowners and their guests that will not only foster a true community, but will give penthouse views for everyone.'”

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