Shout It From The Rooftops: The Shifting Ethos Atop Buildings

11 December 2018

The evolution of rooftop amenities is gathering increasing momentum; read all about 1000M's Level 72 from our latest Forbes spotlight.

“When your address puts you squarely on the southwest edge of one of North America’s great urban parks, with a Great Lake as a backdrop and a thrilling multi-hued skyline on either edge of the tableau, you’re not likely to hide that view away, or reserve it for the very few. That’s a big reason Chicago’s 1000M offers a rooftop 72nd floor amenity level instead of a top-floor penthouse.

With a view of Grant Park and Lake Michigan to the east, Millennium Park to the northeast and the city’s Museum Campus to the southeast, the rooftop is likely to be well patronized when 1000M welcomes its first owners. It will incorporate Club 1000, a full service bar and lounge serving cocktails, live music and events, a demonstration kitchen, wine tasting room with private wine storage and a winter garden with year-round plants, green walls and luxurious seating arrangements. A final amenity is 1000M’s observatory, a space 800 feet above Michigan Avenue that will feature custom, sculptural benches and telescopes for viewing the night sky.”

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