Styling Tips from Kara Mann

21 May 2020

1000M kitchen


Since many of us are currently still under quarantine, we’ve had plenty of time to spend at home. Maybe you’re content enjoying your space, or maybe with the spring weather rolling in, you’re ready for a change. Either way, we have some new styling tips from Kara Mann, the interior designer behind 1000M. Inspired by spaces within the building, Kara breaks down a few simple ideas for transforming a room (even during shelter-in-place).


Invest in Quality Bed Linens 

If you’re spending most of your days in bed binging your favorite shows, we won’t judge you. But if you want to binge in style, Kara suggests switching it up a bit and playing with texture. 

Kara’s tip: New bedding can transform a bedroom. Switch your duvet cover to a slightly different tone, then layer with a textured blanket at the foot of the bed. These slight changes will give your bedroom a completely new look.

1000M bedroom

Edit Your Belongings 

If you’re feeling uninspired by the space you have, try minimizing the belongings you have. A good spring cleaning and decluttering session may spark something new. 

Kara’s tip: Decluttering allows new ideas to emerge. Sell or donate items that aren’t performing a function. Don’t throw things away—better to promote a circular economy and sustainability.


1000M living room


Spa Day at Home

If you’re feeling stressed or worn out, try hosting a spa day at home, even if it’s just for you. For products that will make a DIY spa treatment special, many local Chicago bath and body shops are still taking online orders, such as Distinct and Scratch Goods

Kara’s tip: Create your own at home spa by pairing your favorite scents with at home treatments. I’m obsessed with Loveless by Byredo. Add a facemask – heaven!


1000M spa