The Level 11 Sun Deck | Vitamin D Without The Crowded Beach

28 March 2019

The Level 11 Sun Deck is the perfect place to soak up some rays without venturing to a crowded beach. It’s a beautiful resort-like area exclusive to residents of 1000M. Here you’ll find a walk-in 52-foot Pool, luxurious chaise sun loungers and an outdoor yoga area. The Deck is also home to the Level 11 Gardens, a composition of elevated green space, trees, walking paths, formal hedges and intimate spaces. Even if you’re not the “great outdoors” type, there are numerous health benefits to sun exposure. Continue reading for some great reasons why you’ll want to make sure you’re getting adequate sunlight daily.


Continue reading for some great reasons why you’ll want to make sure you’re getting adequate sunlight daily.



Sunlight triggers the brain’s release of the hormone serotonin. Serotonin helps uplift your mood, and encourages calmness and focus. Without adequate sunlight exposure, serotonin levels can dip and increase the risk of depression disorders. For those who do suffer from a form of depression, exposure to sunlight can help to treat the condition.



While sunlight causes the brain to produce serotonin, darkness causes the brain to produce melatonin, which helps to regulate your body’s circadian rhythm. Exposure to sunlight during the day helps the body more effectively recognize when it’s evening, improving sleep quality.



The body produces Vitamin D in response to direct sunlight. Vitamin D has several functions, most importantly assisting the development of bones and teeth, as well as normal immune system function. Increased Vitamin D has also been associated with reducing the risk of various forms of cancer, including prostate and breast cancer as well as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Lack of Vitamin D increases risk of developing bone abnormalities such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia. The vitamin also helps to promote weight loss.



When sunlight touches the skin, nitric oxide is released into the blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure. This reduces the risk of heart attacks as well as strokes. Sunlight has a beneficial effect on skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. In addition, sunlight helps lower high cholesterol by converting it into other hormones.  


Don’t forget that too much sun can be harmful, but luckily the Level 11 Sun Deck features bistro-style umbrella seating and reservable cabanas, so 1000M residents will have plenty of options for shade when it’s time to take a break!