The 1000M Sun Deck: A Luxury Getaway

10 May 2018

Amidst the chaotic bustle of the city, there’s nothing like a relaxing escape to refresh and restore. For most Chicagoans, this means leaving the city and venturing elsewhere for a vacation. For residents of 1000M, a luxurious getaway is only an elevator ride away.

1000M's Sun Deck is the perfect summer getaway

The Level 11 Sun Deck has every detail of paradise. For hot summer days in the city, the aquamarine walk-in pool is a splendid way to cool off. The 52-foot pool includes both lap lanes for an early morning swim and lounging steps for a relaxing afternoon. Next to the pool, the private cabanas allow for a more intimate escape, with sophisticated amenities like LCD screens, lounge seating, private kitchenettes and more. Changing rooms and showers are conveniently located on the same level, allowing for a seamless transition from work to play.

For even more space to unwind, the Sun Deck also includes an outdoor yoga area and meditation space. All of the Sun Deck features are surrounded by a large evergreen landscape hedge for added privacy, creating a peaceful oasis. And with the Level 11 Spa and Garden only a short walk away, 1000M residents have plenty of options to relax after a long day or hectic week.

1000M's Sun Deck is the perfect summer getaway

Summer is fast approaching in Chicago, and there’s no better way to enjoy the sun than by lounging next to cool waters, settling into an outdoor yoga session, or enjoying the warmth with friends and family. At 1000M, the extravagance and leisure of a world-class resort are all on Level 11, bringing the effortlessness of vacation…home.

Be on the lookout as we focus on 1000M’s spectacular amenities and technical features in upcoming Seek Beauty blog posts!