The Himalayan Salt Room: Alternative Medicine with Integrity

26 June 2018

If you have read our post detailing the 1000M Spa on Level 11, you’ll know that in addition to the dry-heat Sauna and Steam Room, the Spa inside our luxury-condominium tower provides therapeutic experiences from across the world and exclusive to 1000M — including the only Himalayan Salt room within the Chicago city limits.

The history of Halotherapy, or salt therapy as it is commonly referred to in spa culture, has no definitive beginning but was first documented as a form of alternative medicine in 19th century Poland. The integration of salt into everyday life, however, predates the earliest treatises on alternative medicine. It is important to mention that salt is one of the oldest methods used to preserve food. How else can salt, in particular Himalayan salt, enrich our lives?

The popularity of Himalayan salt is not a recent cultural phenomenon. Whether it’s the beautiful color, a shade of which has been the bane of millennial existence, or its mineral-richness, which coincidentally is that which gives it an unmistakable pink hue, Pink Himalayan Salt has proven to be far from a fad or trend.

Salt Therapy rooms often incorporate the salt into their walls and floors. Once you enter, you are transported à la Proust to coastal beaches. Though the smell is reminiscent of salt water, there is hardly any salt content in the air. If a Salt Therapy room is executed properly, there will be devices that control the salt content in the air as well as the humidity in the room.

Keep in mind that salt is hygroscopic; this means that it naturally attracts water in the atmosphere. This is how Halotherapy works; at its dawn, salt inhalation was used as an alternative, non-traditional treatment for patients with Cystic Fibrosis. By inhaling the salt in the air, the respiratory system is irrigated. Having been adopted by spa culture, the anecdotal evidence purports that the benefits of the therapy affects more than just the respiratory system.

While residents have free-rein to design their own spa experience, this particular feature is sure to be very popular. The inclusion of the Himalayan Salt Room to the Level 11 Spa and Wellness Center is another example of how 1000M stands true in pursuit of its mission to champion every facet of beauty.