The Wabash Arts Corridor

3 September 2019

Imagine if We Could Tolerate Each Other’s Differences by Hera. Photo courtesy of Wabash Arts Corridor.


At 1000M, we are constantly seeking beauty. Lucky for us, it’s not that hard to find. Just around the corner from the location of our ultra-luxury condominium tower is a creative hub consisting of Chicago’s best and brightest murals—the Wabash Arts Corridor.


Wabash Arts Corridor

The Wabash Arts Corridor has been painting Chicago’s South Loop with vibrancy since 2013. When Columbia College Chicago first conceived of the idea, they dreamed of utilizing available urban space to engage and inspire their students and the rest of the city too, making the South Loop a vital component of Chicago’s cultural scene. 

Spanning Wabash Avenue from Roosevelt to Van Buren, the corridor has been able to do just that over the past several years. The area has an ever-growing number of large scale murals that truly activate the neighborhood, creating an inviting backdrop for restaurants, businesses and institutions to make their home in the South Loop. 


Public Art For All

For the first time ever, starting this summer, the Wabash Arts Corridor began offering public walking tours. Every other Saturday, and one Thursday a month, locals and tourists alike are invited to collectively peruse the impressive expanse of murals and collaborative art that have breathed new life onto Wabash. The tours are ninety minutes long, covering the most popular and some of the lesser known public artwork in the area, sharing their backstories and inspiration. 

The tour also maintains a focus on how the corridor came to be, and the numerous community stakeholders and local, national and international artists who played a role in helping the Wabash Arts Corridor to become one of the largest urban collections of art in a whirlwind amount of time. 

The Wabash Arts Corridor is located on Wabash Avenue between Roosevelt and Van Buren. You can visit their website for more information and to find out more about joining a tour today.