Wellness Resolutions for 2020

2 January 2020


As we enter 2020, we have the opportunity for a fresh start in establishing habits that support overall wellness. Wellness resolutions don’t have to be big commitments even small promises to yourself can make a big difference. Here’s just a few habits that can help you start out the new year strong:


Practice gratitude

Traditionally, November is the time we practice giving thanks. But what if we were to continue that habit throughout the year? Taking time to reflect on what we’re grateful for allows us to affirm the goodness in our lives, and to pinpoint the sources of that goodness. Research even shows that people who practice gratefulness have stronger immune systems, sleep better, have higher levels of positive emotions, have a higher sense of self worth and experience more positive social relationships. 

Practicing gratitude can take many forms. It can be as simple as reflecting on your day and pinpointing one thing that you’re grateful for. Many psychologists also recommend keeping gratitude journals, where you can take your reflections to paper. 


Get better sleep

According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation, 60% of people incorporate getting a better night’s sleep into their New Year’s resolutions. Getting the recommended amount of sleep each night (7-8 hours for adults) comes with surprising health benefits, including improved memory, spurred creativity and regulated metabolism. 

Establishing better sleep habits is an easily attainable resolution. It can be as simple as enhancing natural light, spending more time outdoors and limiting screen time before bed. You can even supplement this resolution with another: if you want to read more, reading a book before bed rather than watching TV will help your sleep cycle stay regular and healthy.


Cook more meals

In 1900, only 2% of meals were eaten outside the home. Only a century later, that number has peaked to 50%, even though 77% of Americans would rather eat a homemade meal than eat out. Modern times make home cooking a less realistic everyday occurrence, but nevertheless home cooking remains an activity that promotes health, happiness and social connectivity.

To pursue healthier eating habits, and to spend more mindful time at home with family and friends, make the resolution to cook more meals at home in 2020. Even a goal like trying a new recipe twice a month can make a difference — and can be a great way to spend a night in.


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